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Toothpaste is travelling medium surprise effect
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Go out journey, toothpaste is necessary content, age besides clean because of it outside, still have the use on a few lives, can remove the inconvenience on journey.

1, when because flesh is traumatic touch when defeating, tu Shangya can be in to cream in the injury undertake antiphlogistic, hemostatic, wrap up again next on. As temporarily emergency treatment medicine, with medicaments toothpaste effect remarkable.

2, should be stung by bee, can be in sting bite the toothpaste on place besmear, can eliminate so red, because bee venom is acidity content, and toothpaste is belonged to alkalescent, soda acid is counteracted alexipharmic.

3, should be bitten by midge, after bug is bitten, strange urticant bear hard, should be in only bite the toothpaste on place besmear to be able to stop urticant.

4, happen in journey have a headache, when dizziness, can go up in temporal besmear toothpaste, because there is menthol, fourth sesame oil in toothpaste, OK and demulcent.

5, the hands or feet in journey suffers aspic, appear red, itch again painful, want to suffer aspic place to be not defeated only, usable cloth touchs toothpaste to chafe in red place. Because there is ginger oil, menthene in toothpaste, can help Yu of disappear of invigorate the circulation of blood.

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