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Flight jewel: 6 treasure
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Tourist class of some international airliner does not offer thick sock, for instance Han Sha, bring double public house so the sort of thin thin one-time slipper, the foot that allows oneself is loosened inside ten hours, very be necessary.


Sitting for long, below the situation that compares stricture in the seat number especially, saying is a kind of penalty also is divided nevertheless. A horniness belt that when doing physiotherapy, uses bundle live waist, can have the effect that gets hurt to very good protection and precaution.

Gas pillow.

Buy quality better, also do not spend 229 yuan of money, material is qualitative thick and soft, can use very long not flat. When using, do not blow too bilge, can give a neck very good support.

Blind fold.

Also do not send likely on machine. Use provide for oneself, degree of tightness is spent, size, thickness is OK oneself decide, comfortable much.

Portable DVD.

When be being bought two years ago, make an appointment with 3000 multivariate. Bring 3 pieces of two liked dish, time dismisses easily more.


Reason is Alexandrine, additional, taking blind fold to listen to Mp3(to record the) of and so on of text of a few English beforehand, have very good hypnotic effect.

Pyxis toilet water.

Be like this 4711, germany is bought only 3 euro left and right sides, flavour is pure and fresh, life-giving wake head. More important is, in the seat number very tight situation falls, you must get ready, because be touched very likely,go up the neighbour of all sorts of “ flavour ” . It can help you be kept apart effectively.


Face film.

The simplest filling water can. On the plane dry, the skin works very easily. When sleeping on apply one, convenient and practical.

Packet outfit protects skin to taste, colour makeup. Closet goes arranging his before next planes, make up, can let you look radiant.

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