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In travel how be economical
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In travel, want elaborate calculation only, also can accomplish already managing and do not affect travel quality. Basically should note the following respects:

One, use time difference is managing if you do not want to spend too much money, want to had travelled again, should be good at using time difference to go above all so managing.
1. It is escape busy season swims off-season. Generally speaking, a tourist attraction has off-season the cent with busy season, when off-season travel, not only the car is good sit, and because tourist is little, a few guesthouse have privilege on accommodation, can hit fold, tall can amount to 50% above. On eating problem, restaurant also has different privilege. Say accordingly, only this one, off-season travel wants little defray in the at least on charge than busy season 30% above.
2. It is the return time that plans good go on a tour, adopt buy a ticket ahead of schedule, or the means that buys return ticket at the same time. A few airline book airline ticket to be able to enjoy favourable regulation ahead of schedule to pull a guest to already was made nowadays, and grow more regularly beforehand, privilege is bigger. Meanwhile, also have the special and favourable policy that buys round-trip ticket. Booking plane ticket to go up such, booking ticket of the train, car to go up to also have privilege. If reserve a train ticket, the ticket is bought early, can discharge what buy a ticket temporarily all sorts of formalities charge.
3. It is to be when travel, calculation wanting essence of life delimits amused place and place need time, discharge date as far as possible full, because travel area stays one day more the charge of much day.

2, the journey outside choosing hotel to save charge to go out opportunely, the hotel stand or fall that live will affect travel quality, also affect the defray of charge. How can just live well so, live cheaply again?

Can ask to want the place that go before go on a journey above all, is enterprise or business the hostel of the unit and agency of place where troops are stationed. If have, with respect to first selection the hostel with these better conditions is mixed agency, because of much enterprise or business a lot of " welfare " that unit hostel and agency enjoy this unit, and general be confined to welcomes the person that concerns with this unit. Live in this kind of hostel and agency, low-cost, security it may not be a bad idea. When choosing these hostel and agency of course, also want to decide according to the position, if very disadvantageous cannot live all right at going out.

2 it is to be in enterprise or business unit hostel and agency fall without the situation that suits his, aim at hotel with respect to this eye, when choosing hotel, want the hotel that avoids as far as possible, can choose a few liaison man more convenient, be in the hotel of not quite flourishing district. Because these hotel compare the hotel on the side of railway station, station to want petty gain on price,get much, and the hotel of these a sector of an area still can be hit fold, privilege. Urban taxi development is rapid nowadays, live a bit further irrespective.
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