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The ass goes -- 7 gadgety practical manual
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Door outside irrespective, good play relative. If say knapsack and climbing boot still belong to necessary open articles for use, so 7 here gadgety absolutely delegates the intention of common travel lover. " travel weekly publication " did an observant and conscientious person, in the shop of open articles for use that is in Shanghai one by one collect. List below only the most wonderful, most original 7 gadgety, give you is lazy, captious and the “ that love plays advocate ” .

C birdbath: Only Discman size

■ the price: 45 yuan

■ discover the ground: Long Le Lu 190 87 shop

■ PVC birdbath: At first sight, the blue packet of this Discman size does not know to have He Ao clever. Open look, it is a collapsible PVC birdbath so. The Seatosummit birdbath of this Australia is made with soft qualitative PVC, the capacity has 5L and 10L to be able to offer an alternative. Stand erect of the “ after replete water does not pour birdbath ” , must admire the clever idea of contriver.

■ comment on: Because open requirement is more difficult, without off-the-peg household utensils flourishing water, wear brook will wash a face some more helter-skelter rather. And camping ground may have a paragraph of space from fountainhead, always cannot want to use a cup to fill with water. Apparent, can be in without the person a plastic birdbath has filled in in 559 jins of heavy blanket roll, and birdbath of such PVC of a collapsible solved volume problem.

Tent: 2 seconds install Home “ ”

■ the price: 399 yuan

■ discover the ground: Silver clouds road 393

■ tent: Exterior of tent of this QUECHUA2 second is very fashionable. It is the biggest the advantage depends on ——— leave out the trouble that takes tent, need a hand to be swung only, it is extended quickly from a satchel spread out, raise tent to need 2 seconds only! On reoccupy 15 seconds, can receive good tent quickly. Deserve to have two aglet, can load the goods such as sleeping bag and clothings tent bag.

■ comment on: Tent is the indispensable camping in outdoors activity equipment, each tent seem a hut of a warmth, the rest that matters to asinine friend directly quality. Build tent, receiving tent often is a troublesome issue, tent of a two people needs two people to build normally, much person tent is the power that needs to join a few people more. Be in especially nightly camp, everybody is wearing headlight to fumble in darkness, need 10 come minute of ability do decide a tent, save labour of tent of not as goofy as this “ of course ” .
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