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Travel is colourful encounter: Does peach blossom carry Or peach blossom robs?
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I had gotten on “ age, one day, be in in public hall, a man walks over toward me. ” France authoress silk of · Du La is in Margaret " lover " begin is colourful to the journey encounter had mystery and unscramble faultlessly. The railroad car that bumps slightly, fluctuant board, airtight machine storehouse, the travelling companion that have no alternative, all these of special mood …… of place oneself foreign land is causing journey to admire mediumly encounter, then, somebody hallooes: “ is colourful encounter the half ” that is a journey.

However, in envisaging, admire goodly encounter often changed in reality flavour, below the veil of exuding tenderness and love through eyes, the reprint that the truth is ” of “ one-night standing however, it is the gender is annoyed, it is to draw a customer, it is con even with theft. The journey is colourful encounter, take strict precautions against peach blossom disaster.

Scene one: Parisian subway encounters ticket of loiter of handsome young man

Dangerous index: ***

Send an index high: *****

Kiss all previous person: King road Yao, female, 25 years old, reporter

Just went to Paris, height appears helpless all the more among a meter of French that I of 6 am pulling heavy good-sized boot to go in the figure lofty, just when my gnash one's teeth holds to when, a lofty and handsome France boy is smiling to go to me. Acknowledgment is sacred! I feel happy in the heart one have “ to admire to Paris secretly encounter ” . French handsome young man accosts with English and me: You come from where, should go there? Still very much gent demeanour ground has received my boot.

Ability arrived a few sentences to give station opening a little, exit is one meter comes tall turn automatically column. Insert the ticket when me check ticket machine, iron column turns automatically one case when, of adroitness of French handsome young man the body clingy I. I am astonied, waiting for me to understand is when how returning a responsibility, he turns through check ticket already column —— is original he and I strike up a conversation is for loiter ticket.

Traveler clew

The word that the Parisian rhymes with 3 will generalize their life trilogy: The job (BOULOT) , subway (METRO) , sleep (DODO) . But a lot of people are disinclined to queue up to buy a ticket, increase the possibility that is selectived examination by check ticket personnel inside the station inferior, so loiter ticket became Parisian subway almost one scene.

Scene 2: Jeep surpasses young woman to be lured with hue

Dangerous index: ****

Send an index high: ****

Kiss all previous person: Gao Jian, male, 50 years old, mechanism cadre

Go for the first time Italy, there are many friends to remind me before setting out, careful Gypsy wants in Italy, these Europe's famed thief steals a tourist only in a few famous tourist attractions of Italy. When visitting pizza inclined tower, meeting a flock of jeep? The woman cadges to tourist, cadge at the same time resemble prostrate deities be being felt ceaselessly euqally on foreign tourist body at the same time. I help the pocket on the waist up rapidly hiding into Jia Ke unlined upper garment, pull slide fastener again most bottom, had done after guarding against, I put a person's mind to see the Gypsy in the hearsay a few times more, feel they are such nevertheless also.
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