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Guideline of commodity of travel of each district characteristic
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Rich and colorful of commodity of travel of our country characteristic, almost the fascia money that each place can take out him. Face the travel commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes, the tourist is unavoidable dazzling. Understanding each district travels especially the resort has what travel merchandise. Conduce to a tourist shopping the result that obtains satisfaction, reduce shopping blindness, do not draw out injustice money.

As a result of now of traffic develop to develop with economy, in the characteristic goods that can buy other province town somewhere, if Beijing citizen can eat fresh Guangdong litchi the following day, quan Jude roast duck eats in Tianjin. This is in before can not come true. But excessive to characteristic travel commodity development perhaps innovates insufficient, brought consequence is characteristic is not protected, reduce ground booth goods, this is the market myopia behavior of a kind of kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Be unworthy of the name or the title of golden China ham, west lake Dragon Well tea is about to cry without the tear, superior senior white man joins hemp in bags, jingdezhen china straw is bound. Such lesson is really too much. The develops to the industry harm that the travel director branch of a lot of each district notices excessive development and innovation are insufficient, make a few attempts, to in an attempt to protects an industry to get healthy progress.

1, Beijing

Pear of Beijing a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province, parts in Beijing opera spoken in Beijing dialect, white chicken, burn essence of queen bee of duck, oily chicken, preserved fruit, Beijing, Beijing autumn crisp candy of cake of clip of pear syrup, tuckahoe, Beijing, 6 reside pickles, Beijing to knit jade article of carved lacquerware of blanket, Beijing, cloisonne enamel, Beijing surely, inside.

2, Shanghai

Shanghai honey peach, 3 forest candy sauce melon, She Shanlan bamboo shoot, Song Jiang answers branchial perch, maple short for the Jinghe River on the west beans of the five spices of hoof, town god's temple, Chong Mingjin melon, south bridge breast corrupt, Gao Qiaosong.

3, Tianjin city

Brick of Chinese chestnut of Zhang Cai model, Tianjin, Tianjin engraves clay figurine of the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn of carpet of prawn of kite of Tianjin small jujube, Tianjin woodcarving, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin, cake of blast of lacquer of paper-cut of a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province of Tianjin walnut, Tianjin, Tianjin, Tianjin, ivory carving and jade carving, auditive eye.

4, Chongqing city

9 garden steamed stuffed bun, 3 rivers card adds up to plain peach piece, hill city evening is fed, Yong Chuansong spends card of coke of government office of valve of beans of Jin Gou of hill city shop sign, weather, Mu Dongjie cake, double duck leather egg, always Chi of plain card beans, east.

5, Liaoning province
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