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The feature of outdoors knapsack is phyletic
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The feature of outdoors knapsack
1, the data that knapsack uses passes waterproof processing, and very wear-resisting.

2, the braces of knapsack is wide and thick, and have partake the chatelaine of knapsack weight.

3, old blanket roll has system of the bag that prop up inside aluminium is worn or outside aluminium wearing, the hard foam rubber or plastic that small knapsack back has system of the bag that prop up or plastic board.

4, knapsack often mentions expressly on sign utility, if "MADE FOR ADVENTURE" (is designed for adventure) , "OUTDOORPRODUCTS" (is outdoors and special product) wait.

The sort of outdoors motion knapsack

1, mountain-climbing bag

Two kinds: One kind is volume rises the old blanket roll between in 50——80; Another kind is volume rises the satchel between in 20——35, also say “ assault wraps ” . Mountaineer the bag basically is used in mountain-climbing to carry mountain-climbing goods and materials greatly, small mountain-climbing bag is used at ascend of high height above sea level or assault peak commonly. Mountaineer special knapsack is to be those who deal with extreme environment, make observe and study and distinctive, average package system is gangling, the back of the bag presses curve of human body nature and design, make packet of body clingy the person's back, in order to ease sling the pressure to double shoulder. This kind of bag passes waterproof processing, although be in heavy rain also won't slack. In addition, mountain-climbing bag is divided with Yu Dengshan, in other expeditionary motion (if drift, pass through desert) with long-distance journey be also be used extensively.

2, gripesack

Large travelling bag and mountain-climbing package are similar but the figure that include system is different, the front of gripesack can be opened entirely through slide fastener, special interest puts a thing at taking, be being wrapped unlike mountain-climbing is the coping that supports from the bag normally put goods the package inside. Sort of little travelling bag is various, must choose to be being carried on the back comfortable, and do not notice the outward appearance only.

3, the bicycle is special bag

Cent includes type and knapsack type to hang two kinds. The type that register a bag can be carried on the back already, also can register the bag before the bicycle or hind on goods shelves. Knapsack type basically is used at needing high rate to ride the bicycle of travel to travel. What can reflex lamplight is contain to glance on bicycle bag, in order to assure nightly ride the safety when travel.

4, the back wears a bag

This kind of aluminium alloy frame work that includes the place outside be being mixed by bag system is comprised. With will bear bulk bigger, load the goods of knapsack not easily, wait like photography box, gas canister. Additional, a lot of knapsack often also are made clear on sign agree with what motion.
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