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Summerly You Shen uses hill brook water
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Go out climb be away for the summer holidays enjoy the cool, uncontrollably free uses a lot of people hill brook water, experience nature to grant at the world natural cool. To this, doctor of chairman of beautiful cloud of Liu of liberation army total hospital reminds people, summerly You Shen uses hill brook water, cause fountainhead sex disease in case.

Director Liu introduces, burning hot summer, the crowd as a result of water of use hill brook is more, water of brook of together with hill is without examining natural water, causing majority of disease of sex of the commonnest fountainhead is wait by bacterium, virus, helminth cause disease microbial those who cause, the disease that spreads possibly includes schistosome, red-eyed disease, hepatitis, choleraic, typhoid fever and dysenteric etc. Before paragraph time, have media coverage, because a few mountain-climbing lover of local perspire in mountain-climbing road, face of hill brook bath is used when resting, after a few weeks, appeared the symptom such as intermittence n&v snuffle and nosebleed, classics doctor checks discovery, it is Shan Xi unexpectedly the bloodsucker in water is gotten into mountain-climbing athlete the be caused by in bazoo. Although these case of illness does not see more, remind people however, those look clear the hill brook water that sees an end, actual be without examining water, what envisage without people is clean in that way.

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