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Center of river international recreation is worn south
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Center of recreation of Na Daihe international is apart from urban district of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 25 kilometers, center of recreation of Na Daihe international uses the sea, beach, forest to wait with the day alone thick rich, build it is characteristic with beach, green grass, with You Le the project gives priority to the large recreation center of body, make “ meticulously walk out of city blatant, embrace the central brand of magical and natural ” , the characteristic that shares sex of gender, excitant, interest and cultivation with its becomes the well-known trademark outside renown raise island and travel heat. Threw 30 million yuan again 2002, build the ” of garden of “ China travel that covers an area of 800 mus, have lotus 200 many breed, its layout extensive grand, it is dimensions of annulus Bohai Sea the lotus zoology garden with the biggest, the richest variety, also be the lotus with our country the biggest north views and admire base. The show of art of its collect gardens, of connotation of culture of carry on one's shoulder deep, those who show assortment is strange, of accommodation environment elegant at an organic whole, it is you lie fallow go vacationing, sightseeing travels. The ground that experiences the life, ideal that experiences natural beauty.

Lotus is holy, peace, lucky indicative, gu Jinwen's person likes with annals of character of carry on one's shoulder, compare content in order to carry on one's shoulder or back, promote in order to carry on one's shoulder or back think of, the charm with decorous lotus penetrated human inner world. Hunan doctor Qu Yuan is in " from coquettish " “ is written to make in the word wait for carry on one's shoulder to think, collect lotus thinks skirt ” , with the temperament with transcendental and free from vulgarity lotus, the heart that behaves a poet to have a sharp sense of integrity.

The Qing Lingcheng of lake of 1000 carry on one's shoulder that covers an area of 260 mus greens jade, be like a screen of clever traditional Chinese painting of carry on one's shoulder to showing the intention of culture of carry on one's shoulder in the round.

The lotus that graceful of tens of 10 thousand individual plant in the lake sway and all sorts of water bird in all dance, fine willow depends on water and stroke, good fun of silver carp red carp, carry on one's shoulder is sweet in transmit frog drum sound, grass-and-insect painting chatter is like musical instrument He Ming.

There is a covered corridor or walk that watch carry on one's shoulder in the lake two, every grow 56 meters. Two end share summer house 4, modelling is quaint. Tourist can admire the beauty of flowers according to column here, fu view swims fish, be enmeshed in the beautiful condition of painted screen of pond of carry on one's shoulder. The lotus fountain that 600 the sound of smooth rice, light, report combines is multicoloured in the center of the river, spoondrift flutters, highest can amount to many meters 40, very grand.
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