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Beijing is away for the summer holidays to Na Daihe drive You Lushu oneself
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To long for the people that resides a capital, Na DaiheMean cool and refreshing, relaxed with comfortable. This year the summer of Beijing as before scorching sun pawn, in fuggy afternoon, we are opening Suonada toNa DaiheSet out, the satisfied Eden in wanting to search a heart there.

Draw a memorandum book

Course: North of date of —19 of high speed of Shenyang of Beijing of?mdash; of  those act wears a river to export

Course of development: コ ?00 much kilometer

Road condition: District of city of — of line of nation of — of copy?mdash; high speed

Charge: コ calm  peddles?20 yuan (not plan oil is expended)

Time: Ni of  of to joke of slander melt サ

Car: Qia injures?.0L hand from an organic whole luxurious money


All right

  Na DaiheIt is Beijing's most popular line, road condition is good, basic it is a freeway. The car still stops those who stop to have a road surface in 4 annulus, went up road of Beijing Shenyang high speed, road becomes in an instant unobstructed a lot of, the foot falls to also begin in spite of oneself to be quickened to oil. It is quantity of 2 L platoon after all, the car shifts fast perception strong line is very, watch of speed per hour is climbed very quickly rose hour of 130 kilometers / . As a result of Beijing Shen Lu measures fast radar much, we are quickened again without unbridled ground, but feel engine still has boundless latent capacity apparently, below the foot a bit not careful, speed per hour exceeded hour of 150 kilometers / easily. High speed travel, automobile body of tower of all alone accept as before smooth, to drive the person that multiply to feel with enough security, it is engine noise only slightly big, but this does not affect car wife to chat with normal dialect.
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