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In the journey how food of travel of choose and buy
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People is outer before giving travel, general metropolis choose and buy a few food with the untimely needs in equipment road. So should what travel food has compared the choose and buy?

Food of new provision travel must choose fresh, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, let a person see lick one's chaps. Concerned expert thinks: Should choose to slant to greenbelt red food; Loess region should choose to slant blue food; Urban gray area should choose food of brown, green. If the color of food is the same as located of the environment tonal and same, affect maw mouth quite.

Juicily food contains candy to measure the inferior soda water, beverage that contains a lot ofa vitamin and fruit to wait, already the fatigue that satisfy one's thirst can reduce journey again. Nutrient provision is general an adult is outer when giving travel, want to use up the quantity of heat of about 3000 kilocalorie everyday, the travel food of the person that be equivalent to a young physical labor. These things are unfavorable eat too fully, lest affect travel route.

The travel provision that gust food carries should have windy taste, mutual collocation, with appetitive. Can choose a few food that oneself like, in the use on the clique when food is unaccustomed. It is OK to travel in beauty spot the traditional characteristic food of place of choose and buy, sample gust is fastfood, can full the luck to eat sth delicious, can get beautiful enjoyment again.

Soft food is commonly in travel, the person's physical strength is used up bigger, dry of easy talking around, inappetence. And soft food already fresh, digest easily again

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