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The sea angles " piscine affection, regimen, amorous feelings "
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Before walking into the sea to angle
Blue sky, Bai Yun, blue sea, Yin Ou, make an appointment with on 35 bosom friends, take number to raise fishing rod, back green hill of a emerald green black, it is sea of one clique vast at the moment. Or the bank angles, or the beach angles, or the boat angles …… placed hope and expected line to be cast to the sea, experience the heart and the instantaneous passion that the sea hits. Besides this world of impetuous of place oneself Yu Fu, get drunk with sea day and ego between, everything is in that way open distance, as if tentacle can be reached. This is the sea angles ……

The sea angles, regard a kind of go angling as means, what arise because of the vast of the sea, mystery is intense angle feeling enjoy as attributive as achievement cheerful happy and get more and more angling friendly favour. So does “ walk into the sea to angle want to had done those preparation to work before ” ? To this knowing well at the beginning of those especially angle for friend, earnestly needs to understand and master these.
The equipment of fishing tackle
“ is versed in desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement ” . Want fishing, want to deploy good fishing tackle first surely, a good fishing tackle can make he can have the feeling of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind in go angling not only, return the interest that can increase fishing consequently, those who promote this sport savour, still if some angle box, mix bait box, fish is protected, the sea angles brail, the boat angles, the bank angles bracket but eye shot circumstance acquires slowly. The fishing tackle that had above equips, take bait again, you can prepare to set out go the sea angled.
The sea angles seasonal control
This is the fundamental premise that executive sea angles. The sea angles the activity is on seasonal assurance, should relatively fresh water angles complex. Because water lukewarm change is seasonal,the reason is being put in sea fish at some sea area migrate problem. The close shipwreck of the early spring of northward maritime space and deep winter arrives with angling fish. For instance the coastal waters sea of the Yellow Sea of Dalian and Shandong, Bohai Sea angles the activity is in commonly Gu Yu (on April 20 around) to solstitial (controlled on December 21) between undertake. Inside this paragraph of time, because water is warm appropriate, food is rich, and the phase of ” of “ one hungry is not choosy about his food after some fish are in oviposit, came in September especially in November during the first ten days of a month, be like black wait to be in the preparative phase that moves to deep Hainan, for complementary capabilities, lay in physical ability, often forage wildly. After ” of “ light snow, 6 lines use up physical ability after steak egg, be badly in need of play knife and fork, see feed swallow, also be right of great capacity angles seasonal. But high seas is different with coastal waters, the round island that resembles Dalian sea area be far from the mainland the maritime space of above of 20 sea mile, because water is warm change is not big, but annual is applied angle.
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