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Coast of prosperous goosefoot gold treats the lake, paddle strategy
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All right:

The train:

2179 4:51 Beijing stands, 7:53 reach Chang Li railway station, a big supermarket can purchase station north food, the parcel is small go Cheng is emerald island price list 30 or 35, it is OK that the leader of a sports team leaves small area phone the agreement is received again from doorway of area of emerald island scene the following day.

Beijing multitudes to prosperous partial train:
04:5 of 2178/2179 general fast Beijing1 Chang Li 07:53
13:0 of 4495 general fast Beijing0 Chang Li 16:57
Beijing comes island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty
7:3 of Beijing of express of T509 city border0

Drive oneself:

Beijing Shenyang high speed, below the exit that stroke peace, by road demonstrative card approachs prosperous goosefoot town continuously;
After reaching a town, see guidepost, abduct arrives on ” of road of “ swallow hill. Crossing turning point has an Agriculture Bank;
The country that crossing a county to go all the time is Le Ting of Chang Li —— ;
The attention sees the not big kilometer shop sign of road right, to 119 kilometers card when ahead has a gas station;
A branch road is before gas station, abduct pokes a head to another way way, note: V word is here model branch road;
Go forth, have opening of a the highroad, there is a stone tablet on the side, writing above: Have army way;
After army way is being had on, go down the road all the time. . Through a shooting range, hamlet and fluctuant road, arrive seaside;
The farm can be crossed after getting off, OK also the car opens 10 meters to pass snack counter forth, walk along a seaside;
Walk right now, all see dune, the attention selects camping site.

18 people of I and friend wrap 6.25-26 24 Yi Weike, go back and forth between 2400 yuan two days to include fare.


Dumpling of ” of house of “ of prosperous goosefoot county Home Zhao

Typical hundred years old store, dumpling skin thin stuffing is much, remember with respect to dribble, 20 people / 300 much RMB

Attention: The meal point that does not drive at noon goes, restaurant has a the facade of a shop only, the person that be attracted is much, be afraid of so that wait for ability of on one many hour when.

Seafood: Cafe of garden of land for growing field crops is in gold coast that alone dragon goes to sea (seem to call this) on the side of sculpture, go 2 buildings dine, still can see seascape. 8 catching a fish to stew flesh of braise in soy sauce is classical dish, many 30; The hot whetstone that fry clam is pretty good also, a 20.
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