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Na Daihe
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Heat went to Na Daihe during the holiday, playing while, also accumulated a few experience and common sense, the friends that to those blame illicit home car travels have certain help probably.

It is traffic issue above all: Wear river station to get off to north by train. Gave a station to walk along 50 meters to have a public transportation station north, take 22 cars to be able to arrive directly at travel area. Consider the different site that go according to you, get off in different station. The steward of 7 cars is very good, very enthusiastic, the service that I consider travel city should such, which do you say with him he can tell you to get off which, want to go to seaside and maritime park for instance, get off in the post and telecommunications office, go travel notes palace has this one station on the west. Early has a regular bus of 22 cars, estimation is the earliest have 6: 30, last bus is earlier, if come back from the seaside, 18:50 have to go to return. Besides sit bus, also can take Taxi, remember, can of bargain, need not make a list, be in to the seaside from the station 15 to 20 yuan between, the bargain technology that sees you and circumstance.

Fare state of affairs: We in the post and telecommunications office this one station gets off hind, a lot of come up draw a customer, arrive from the station seaside a money, we also tried, actually not far also, have 300 meters or so. But the entrance ticket that at the same time he returns a canal to buy maritime Eden, revise price 35, he says 30 can buy. Accordingly, tourists might as well beautiful one yuan takes a car, leave 5 money, but just discover later, the cheapest ticket is 27 yuan, do not know to be done from which, what remind everybody here is, it is a few cheaper to do not buy a ticket to be met from the doorway.

Maritime Eden kisses body check: Go the seaside plays have two kinds of kind, one kind is to go free beach, one kind is to enter maritime Eden. Maritime Eden besides entrance ticket, the thing is free inside, can hire sun umbrella freely, bamboo chair, buoy, of free beach beautiful money hires these, if you are worn equipment is more all ready, can go free beach, but major person chooses to go maritime Eden, still have here add up to a surf of joyous, helix, fast slippery fast fall, slide, slippery blanket, sweethearts double slippery, two-men sways, explore of aerospace UFO, clarinet is deep and remote, lotic brave is entered wait for recreational project, also be free.

Note: The first, if want to play lotic brave to enter,get a project, want to queue up ahead of schedule, these projects begin to open afternoon, should be 1: 30 begin, if do not carry line of in front of, be afraid do not play, also play to come nevertheless, especially lotic brave is entered, person much vessel is little, had better play in beach in the morning so, go early afternoon queueing up. The 2nd, must not believe the seaside can have fresh water, ha, besides the drinking water that oneself carry. The seaside has shower bath of a fresh water, also be salty actually, toilet soap does not remove foam, can not wash do not wash, washed also do not have how old with.
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