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Island of snail of river celestial being is worn south
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Center of Youle of island of snail of river celestial being is worn south, it is with celestial being snail the island gives priority to body, the location of omnibus maritime You Le of a lot of function such as embedded recreation, sightseeing, fitness, recreational, meal, be located in Na Daihe travel to go vacationing area one kilometer is in one village coastal waters, complete island gross area 10 thousand square metre.
Island of celestial being snail was built in October 1998, the expert of the respect such as ocean of many state level, geological, environmental protection proves by repeatedly, unit of the professional and marine construction that build port is built and become. This island conceives originality according to folklore, fairy tale modelling makes copy scene, elegance of of primitive simplicity, have lasting appeal quite. The conch faery on the island, 3 close, sea of view of monkey of 7 stars stone, stone, windmill group, megalosaurus goes to sea etc, all without exception is full of magical colour. Of the cabinet of celestial being snail in the island and bank get together set each other off of celestial being cabinet becomes an interest, tourist ascends cabinet overlook, become aware sea broad day is low suddenly, relaxed and happy, shadow of wave light, sail, Bai Yun, gull group use up old eye ground. Between two cabinet, a kilometre is maritime cableway, be like classics day long rainbow, its closely couplet is an organic whole, only then your road of flexible of ” of “ natural moat. Of the island on the west side, an imposing manner of 70 meters tall recreational sightseeing tower is vigorous and firm, towering and case. It is carrier with its, set skip extremely, the maritime You Lejian such as parachute jumping, seaborne, sightseeing body project, novel, exciting, jing is not had danger. Insular southwest, fill sand via surrounding a low bank between fields artificially, build the outdoor bathing place in 7000 square metre seas, play to the top of one's bent for brave lane is wet.
Island of snail of river celestial being is worn south, the pool preciouses jade in sea of not less than, billows in Eden. Have Xing Dengyou this island, appreciate the appeal that the sea watchs in the sea, solid it is life one great a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure. Just about: Female permanent of Chi Luo of the Hai Guanyao that taste grand, you Xian island tastes celestial being snail inferior contest immortal.

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