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Take north of Olympic Games express to wear strategy of travel of river Olympic
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Project of strategy of travel of Olympic Games of boost the morale of of activity of travel of style of 12 high-quality goods, 8 big Olympic Gameses is wonderful appear, gold serves acceptance of 8 big step, Li Ping of king of Olympic Games champion becomes north Dai He …… of ambassador of figure of Olympic Games travel a few days ago, north wears strategy of travel of river Olympic Games to start a ceremony to be held in national sports total bureau.
This strategy of Olympic Games travel starts a ceremony, visit area of Dai He of north of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty by Heibei appoint, district government is sponsorred, it is north wears a river to borrow situation Olympic Games, butt joint Beijing, ferry travels, drive the one big move of an area construction. As draw near Beijing, ferry the recreational holiday resort of city of two big Olympic Gameses, north wears a river to sit island of the emperor that embrace the Qin Dynasty abstruse ample competition, seaside is recreational go vacationing brand at a suit, it is to but to be able to watch match of carry of Beijing, ferry, Qin Ao already a one that day, can enjoy the holiday resort of littoral scene again.

North wears project of travel of river Olympic Games to include: “ campaign runs during 51 ” of “ spring ” annulus rate of youth of slippery section, whole nation annulus slippery tounament, northward freestyle annulus slippery special railway line of slippery open competition, travel annulus and coastal sky are orgiastic year of night, NCS annulus a list of names posted up of Hua Yingxiong wind and cloud; The photography of heaven ” international that came to held Chinese · north to wear river “ bird in June in March is artistic section; The series of amorous feelings of summerly ” Russia that summer vacation time holds romance of “ of 20 more than showing number continuously is literary show; Roll out art of a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing, behavior to wait for activity of ” of cultural worker of music of “ of 5 old series; Roll out doodle basketball, annulus slippery be out of shape the “ sports of the small-sized, vogue such as bicycle of King Kong, acrobatics, luminous dish activity of cultural worker ” ; Held north of lottery of the 3rd 2008 sports to wear river iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength in September 3 contests; Games of first fashionable beach of Chinese; Came in August during October, hold date with collective wedding, 10 thousand people, the north of · of the 2nd China that orgiastic coasting is main content wears section of river international sweethearts. In addition, still rolled out “ to mountaineer view day swims hundred years villa of ”“ swims ”“ romance watchs a bird to swim ”“ winter day is recreational swim the travel product such as ” , and north of “ China · wears a river a series of recreational sports projects such as ” of international annulus slippery summer camp.
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