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4 stars honoured guest employs the force of the sea
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The price > of course of < key travel Economy off-season: UncertainYuan / person economy busy season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model off-season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model busy season: UncertainYuan / person Travel course introduces in detail > of course of < key travelWhole journey lodges 4 stars standard! Upgrade freely one evening 5 stars hotel! Whole journey is not had shop! Let you visit time enougher, give sympathetic consideration to is true pure enjoy a group! Give: Small fish hot spring, petaline bath, dipping, coco suckles bath! Seaside bonfire evening party! The 1st day Program heads for Hainan island - the force that fresh sea breeze lifts island of romantic coconut city annulus. 3 inferior hotel of bay of bay sea Yue (☆ ☆ of ☆ of first phase ☆The 2nd day Visit after program breakfast [Bo Ao establishs division of scene of the site of an association]Visit jade belt beach at one's own expenses by ship, experience [10 thousand Cut down of fontal river bamboo is seaborne], appreciate view of Ni of two sides of river of 10 thousand springs coming back, lunch hind visits kingdom of the plant that promote grand by BUS[selva arboretum], appreciation is flourishing in the eveningThe characteristic of red actor is performed. ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of hotel of Jin Xietao source
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