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The hill austral pray blessing " on the west line a day
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(South hill, the remotest corners of the earth, on the west big eat of island, seafood, noctivagant 3 inferior bay)
Visit the journey: In the morning 8:00 set out from the hotel, the coconut dream a covered corridor or walk of beauty of by way of -- 3 inferior bay seaside highway, experience the attractive landscape of charm of coconut wind sea on the way, arrive at imposing manner rich next big south hill buddhism culture encloseds ground for growing trees; Visit the coordinate that the history and love interweave by mosquito craft next- - the remotest corners of the earth (at one's own expenses 50 yuan / person, retail sales price 65 yuan / person) ; Arrive next already the mysterious island of collect carefully chiliad- - on the west island, experience China the most enchanting seawater and fine white beach (at one's own expenses 60 yuan / person, retail sales price 100 yuan / person) ; Visit the garden of local speciality industry with the biggest Hainan freely next (can view and admire understanding Hainan the treatment craft of all sorts of special local product and flow, and can sample freely the Hainan special local product that the spot processes) , admire freely next 3 inferior the biggest tea art performance (taste tea free appreciation, freely) ; Arrive by ship next maritime adrift maritime other people enjoys seafood big eat (at one's own expenses 75 yuan / person, not set limit to eats at will) ; Multiply luxurious houseboat next noctivagant 3 inferior bay (at one's own expenses 100 yuan / person, performance of dancing of beer on draft, fruit juice, amorous feelings is free) , final special remands hotel, ” of the hill austral the “ pray blessing with happy end on the west the line swims one day.
Recieve a standard: 188 yuan / person (contain south entrance ticket of center of hill buddhism culture) , support 1.4 meters of card of senile card, officer testimony, student's identification card, tourist guide, the following children collection 50 yuan / the person's fare, other item provides for oneself; Inferior the tourist of area of Long Wan, Tian Du is added receive 10 yuan / the person's fare.
Give freely: Come to receive send, fund of travel responsibility danger, government adjustment, south ” of fast of element of hill “ fane, drinkable mineral water.
Journey clew: 1, below the circumstance that reducing a regulation to visit scene area, the tourist guide has authority to be adjusted according to actual condition visit order;
2, in the journey at one's own expenses price of scene area entrance ticket all is dozen of folding door ticket, attend swimming tourist ability one day to buy only;
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