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3 days of You Jing choose Hainan elite
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The price > of course of < key travel Economy off-season: UncertainYuan / person economy busy season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model off-season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model busy season: UncertainYuan / person Travel course introduces in detail > of course of < key travel The first day: Head for 3 inferiorWu raises continent island, enter all sorts of water advanced position happy activity, admire scenery of Wu Zhi Zhouhai island. The following day: Head forHill buddhism culture encloseds ground for growing trees south, look around maritime icon of 108 meters of avalokitesvara, the world inkstone of the first dragon, treasures watchs world news, south hill temple, the hill austral lunch samples element fast, visit afternoonWind of the remotest corners of the earthScene area, visiting Na Tianyi column, skyline carved stone. The 3rd day: Head forForum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle is permanent the site of an association, jade belt beach, river of 10 thousand springs enters big talk, return afternoon 3 inferior visit on the wayFlourishing and intertropical arboretum, visit nearly 1000 kinds of intertropical plants. Quotation row: 1, tourist attraction: 3 inferior Wu raises continent island 123 yuan / person, south hill temple 128 yuan, storage battery car 20 yuan / person, the remotest corners of the earth 60 yuan / person, the site of an association of forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle 100 yuan / person, flourishing arboretum 25 yuan / person. 2, fare: 800 yuan / =2400 of day X3 day yuan, 1520Air conditioning trailer coach 3, food expenses: South Shan Suzhai 48 yuan / person, other and prandial provide for oneself or mark eat 20 yuan / the person rises. 4, tourist guide service expends 300 yuan / day
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