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Big talk is pure play 5 days to swim (give 1 evening 5 bits)
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Economy off-season: UncertainYuan / person economy busy season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model off-season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model busy season: UncertainYuan / person Travel course introduces in detail > of course of < key travel The journey (eat and accommodation) arrive at banner of big talk tourist guide the first day to receive machine, head for a hotel to rest by the car. / big talk the following day after flourishing breakfast of big talk — , head for Hainan wild vivid arboretum, the car sees scene of river of 10 thousand springs and statue of gules detachment of women; The world marvellous spectacle that heads for collect river, river, lake, sea to wait for body of natural landscape Wu Yi - city of water of rich a huge legendary turtle, visit Asian dialog platform - Asian forum is permanent area of scene of the site of an association; Head for the beach of jade belt of natural beach — with sea of the space on the world and the most long and narrow river by ship (provide for oneself) , see 3 rivers hand in assemble the of great capacity, xi Shahai modern world - see view of Xi Shahai modern world (give) ; Go to by the car flourishing, arboretum of tropics of area of scene of class of visiting country 4A, wander about to comprehend green heaven in the air that has rich oxygen anion. Can admire the Thailand red actor that has exotic amorous feelings most to perform at one's own expenses in the evening. Early in evening is flourishing the 3rd Tian Xinglong — 3 inferior after breakfast, head for 3 inferior, the car in road sees view of garden of door of life bay sea; Go to blessing to be like the East China Sea- - big (small) beauty spot of seaside of the East China Sea, experience the maritime recreation project with exciting alarmingly dangerous at one's own expenses; Head for area of 4A class scene---The remotest corners of the earth, the carved stone such as ” of the Tian Yizhu austral ”“ of cape of ” of view “ skyline, “ is panoramic, comprehend life fugacious; The car sees characteristic seaside landscape- - car of; of coconut dream a covered corridor or walk sees world young lady choose the United States advocate assembly room- - beautiful coronal exterior; Dinner can enjoy the seafood big eat with actor delicious price at one's own expenses. Evening chooses to enjoy natural hot spring at one's own expenses - hot spring of “ small fish”Piscine cure, the body that makes you exalted gets be caressinged god-givenly, weary in you lazy satisfied in, ” of “ sea robin is gnawed in person in person gnaw clear for you dead skin, tender skin slips when letting you search a childhood (provide for oneself 195 yuan / person) . Early in late 3 inferior the 4th day 3 inferior the gardens outside visiting concentration of — hill water, Buddhist culture ground —— Na Shanwen changes the Fuzezhi at an organic whole travel area (storage battery car provides for oneself) , watch elegant demeanor of icon of the avalokitesvara on 108 meters of Na Shanhai; Go to the hill austral —— of size hole day under, of the sea bank, see blue sea, listen to the soughing of the wind in the pines, the fokelore of immortal of listen respectfully of explore strange hole, bath “ birthday is compared south the blessing of hill ” (provide for oneself) . Head for be known as Oriental “ the 4A scene area of Hawaiian ” - inferior area of travel of Long Wan country, appreciation inferior Long Wan is symbolistic square of center of ”—— of square of sculpture “ totem, see the conch house of assemble of 4 names snail, stroll inferior dragon bay beach, not be Hawaiian, be better than is Hawaiian! Head for hill water by the car, attend bonfire evening party freely in the evening (give) . Early in hotel of late hill Shui Tianlang or 3 inferior after breakfast of big talk of — of water of the 5th day of hill, the Maldives — dividing line that heads for China by mosquito craft continent island (give) , hainan east culture encloseds ground for growing trees, return big talk, end happy journey, send a group. Early in / recieve a standard: 1. Accommodation: Whole journey hangs out his shingle 4 stars hotel (give 1 evening hotel of 5 stars standard, 3 evening hang 4) , do not offer natural cell, produce single room difference to provide for oneself; (During holiday and travel busy season unwarrantable given 5 stars hotel, but assure whole journey) of hotel of 4 stars class; 2. Have dinner: 4 early 7 prandial (10 people 1 desk, 8 dish 1 soup, eat is not contained on traffic) ; 3. Department guides: Car of bus of air conditioning travel, excellent guidebook serves; 4. Entrance ticket: The place in the journey lists bank note of gate of path of tourist attraction head (provide for oneself the need that the tourist attraction does not play waits in scene area doorway) ; 5. Traffic: Tourist class of plane of scheduled service of civil aviaton going there and back, contain airport going there and back to build cost, fuel expenses 6. Safe: Danger of Hainan travel accident (keep the specified number 100 thousand yuan / person) with danger of travel agent responsibility (keep the specified number 100 thousand yuan / person) ; 7. Fund: Contain Hainan governmental adjustment fund 36 yuan / person. Recieve a specification: 1. Visit a tourist attraction to be in not below reductive premise, authority adjusts a tourist attraction early or late ordinal, above travel time makes reference only; Recieving the circumstance with changeless standard to fall, accommodation and tourist attraction around are adjusted somewhat. 2. All sorts of establishment conditions cannot be the same as Hainan place Beijing photograph is compared, standard of area of according to place is carried out; 3. Encounter policy sex to move valence or manpower to cannot defy a factor (airliner incur loss through delay) place generation charge provides for oneself by the guest; 4. Contain travel accident insurance, must have taken effective certificate original (testimony of Id, booklet of registered residence, officer) ; 5. Children price contains half price eat and fare only, other all do not contain, generation charge provides for oneself; 6. The old liaison man such as plane, train nonfeasance agreement time, specific it is with final and par time accurate; 7. Note: Because reason cannot be given,give a project, excuse me not refund. Friendship hints (Hainan travel is other and free at one's own expenses project value is referenced) : Noctivagant 3 inferior bay 150 yuan / the person dives 300 yuan / bewitching of the person since the person performs 150 yuan / day of person size hole 138 yuan / big eat of person seafood gust 150 yuan / beach of person jade belt 73 yuan / merman cure health care 195 yuan / the person is pulled the net fishs
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