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4 stars quality is pure enjoy a group
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The price > of course of < key travel Economy off-season: UncertainYuan / person economy busy season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model off-season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model busy season: UncertainYuan / person Travel course introduces in detail > of course of < key travelWhole journey lodges 4 stars standard! Upgrade freely 1 evening 5 stars hotel! Give Hainan mountain ridge of the first Shandong, village of seedling of goosefoot of stockaded village of Hainan characteristic folk-custom! The 1st day Program heads for Hainan island - the force that fresh sea breeze lifts island of romantic coconut city annulus. Big talkThe 2nd day Visit after program breakfast [Bo Ao establishs division of scene of the site of an association]Visit jade belt beach at one's own expenses by ship, experience [River of 10 thousand springs Zhu Fa is seaborne], appreciate view of Ni of two sides of river of 10 thousand springs coming back, flourishing plant is visited by BUS after lunch regnal[arboretum of rain forest tropics], can admire flourishing characteristic to perform at one's own expenses in the evening. FlourishingThe 3rd day The attractive islands that before program swims by mosquito craft, says toward what have belle island [
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