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Hainan Shuang Fei of honoured guest of 4 days of 4 stars
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The price > of course of < key travel Economy off-season: UncertainYuan / person economy busy season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model off-season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model busy season: UncertainYuan / person Travel course introduces in detail > of course of < key travel The first day: Suzhou big talk (dinner provides for oneself) Hotel: Big public house of big talk Li Hua or 4 stars are the same as class at Doorway of first floor of mansion of cent China the United Nations General Assembly assembles, before guiding, past airport takes civil aviaton flight, go to Hainan to visit town of big talk of provincial capital — . The following day: Big talk — is flourishing (early / in / late) Hotel: Flourishing collect abundant big public house or after 4 stars are the same as class breakfast, the car in road sees statue of gules detachment of women, companion is worn on the way we arrive at beautiful scenery 3 rivers enter big talk- - exterior of city of water of rich a huge legendary turtle, the tourist can visit world river river to save the most perfect jade belt beach into landscape of big talk nature (provide for oneself) ; Before the car is being taken after lunch, live visit scene of rural area of river of 10 thousand springs, bamboo balsa is taken to watch beautiful scenery of river of 10 thousand springs after (provide for oneself) , the passion that torrent wears to jump over dangerous shoal when having Jing already is insurgent, scene of the two sides when having delay again all accepts the poetics picture idea of eye ground. The homecoming overseas Chinese with the biggest Hainan is headed for to collect ground —— after farm of flourishing overseas Chinese; Visit garden of amorous feelings of flourishing southeast Asia (contain) , be located in 300 mus of Thailand Gong Yelin that Hainan produces alone, flourishing the former residence that is southeast Asia returned overseas Chinese, since 1951, the returned overseas Chinese that has 18 countries such as Indonesian, Malaysia, Thailand and area early or late comes here to settle down, built overseas Chinese farm, the local customs that they brought southeast Asia each country and life are consuetudinary. Watch amorous feelings to perform song and dance at one's own expenses in the evening. The 3rd day: Flourishing — 3 inferior (early / in / late) Hotel: 3 inferior starfish coco forest big public house or after 4 stars are the same as class breakfast, the camp of goosefoot village seedling that tours of primitive simplicity (contain) , here has the folkway of of primitive simplicity, mysterious Xi Gu, your person finds everything new and fresh; Afterwards goes to China by the car most seaside city —— of Na Duan 3 inferior; Visit area of travel of big the East China Sea seawater of this maritime space is clear see an end, growing a large number of beautiful coral, marine dive is OK the tropical fish with all sorts of colour spot billows in all dance (project of the recreation on water provides for oneself) , experience sea glamour; After lunch, the remotest corners of the earth with uniform nature of sea of class of row country AAAA (contain steamer ticket) , this scene stipple has: The megalithic hero such as ” of the day austral Hainan of ” of “ skyline ” , “ cape ” , the Tian Yizhu austral “ , “ stands erect seaside, terribly is grand; Head for reaching the sky of blue sea of “ of epigraph of holograph of Chairman Jiang Zemin far, cliff fining jade is full of spring birthday of —— of ” seamount marvellous spectacle is compared south the size hole day of hill (provide for oneself) ; Dinner can enjoy seafood gust big eat at one's own expenses. The 4th day: 3 inferior Suzhou of — big talk (early / in / late) After breakfast, the car sees world young lady choose the coronal of beauty of —— of the site of an association of beautiful total final; Visit “ east Hawaiian ”—— inferior Long Wan beach, here sand Bai Ruxue, soft be like cotton, fine like the face, have essential factor of on the world 5 big travel: Sunshine, beach, air, seawater, scene makes a person sigh; You Haina —— of the first hill east mountain ridge (telpher provide for oneself) , scene of here size stone more than 100 place, everywhere magical, shishi is vigrous, hole hole not is measured, the most well-known beautiful view on mountain has 8 large part, attracting contact tourist, visit supermarket of Hainan local speciality, buy place's good special local product to bring close friends, according to the airliner time assembles after; Afterwards arrives at big talk by the car, end happy journey, seize the opportunity Return Shenzhen. --------------Scene is infinite good, hainan holds the post of free, wish journey is happy
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