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51 north wear a river to come loose the guest is received every day (one evening
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The price > of course of < key travel Economy off-season: UncertainYuan / person economy busy season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model off-season: UncertainYuan / the person is luxurious model busy season: UncertainYuan / person Travel course introduces in detail > of course of < key travel Scheduling: D1: Of lineal descent of partridge of leap up of award shellfish Jie is disconcerted coerce of food container of oily lotus root stops  figured woven silk material to stop bald bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of figured woven silk material of  of Xi of ┖ of Hui of ㄗ high mountain to defendOlympic Games be equal to gram park;Arrive nextTiger stoneBathing placeWatch beautiful littoral scene, blue sky, Bai Yun, blue waves, gold is sanded, step billow, paddle, recreational, recreation, relaxed and happy letting a person. Can arrive in the eveningPark of bar of tower of green jade snailEnjoy! D2: White isDove nest parkThe exterior is maritime sunrise (free) , drive the of great capacity, collect shell of crab, Shi Bei. After breakfast, toNorth wears river collect to produce garden of voice agriculture sightseeingWatch the growth of zoology crop. Chinese meal hind visits north to wear shop of river local speciality to arriveMarket of stone pond regionShop. Return is happy and itinerary. Remarks: Charge includes: Accommodation: Between standard of two-men of 2 stars hotel Have dinner: Eat of early in the morning 3 prandial
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