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Na Daihe wears river guesthouse hotel to book Na Daihe south guesthouse
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Na Daihe, gross area 20 square kilometer, wear a river with the north of famed far and near of one river lie between and another bridge is linked together, it is to develop those who come to rest in last few years cure travel resort, city of island of emperor putting in the Qin Dynasty 's charge strokes peaceful county administer. The seaside here, sanded soft tide is smooth, beach wide water is clear, tide is stable, wind bright does not have dirt, briny bathhouse is advantaged, be by numerous tourist extol “ the world ” of the first bath. On the bank, forest belt is verdant, greenery becomes back, swim conceal meantime, xia Ruchun day. It had marine, beach, air, sunshine, green completely the 5 gist element that current world coast travels, it is the optimal that has sea bath, sunbathe, Sha Yu, air bath natural place.
The opening that wear a river has east, old bayou comes on the west, river coasting is worn south 17.5 kilometers. Rice of 100—250 of bank Sha Kuan, capacious and magnanimous, lubricious Huang Rujin, get a Jin Sha. It is soft be like carpet, soft be like batt, discretion of far and near, be just as aureate ocean wave. And the granuality of the Jin Sha that ocean wave of this thousand all ages erodes, extremely even, for 20—80 eye, bury rice of buy deepness 26—30, the rate that contain earth under 2% , sand is lukewarm highest can amount to 38 ℃ , summer vacation time is 31 ℃ on average. When you after sea bath, a few boil on the beach, or lie on one's back, or Fu lies in Yu Xisha, free from worry and clinking, exhausted fatigued disappear. Every arrive spring, the beach administrator of river seaside is worn south, sift the sand of the beach with fine bolt even, what one year the head the tourist abandons is sundry the sieve goes out, in order to purify the sand of the beach.
River seaside is worn south this maritime space, without the pollution of industrial sewage. Annual midsummer, from Dai He mouth and old bayou pour out of the rainwater that come, be go up from hill or the clean water that spring emerges, the seawater here is “ advantaged ” is clean.
River sea area is worn south, be located in the north temperate zone, have marine climate characteristic, work so wet appropriate, the four seasons is trenchant, dan Dong day does not have severe cold, the summer does not have the intense heat of summer. Average air temperature is annual 10 ℃ . Highest air temperature is the summer 35 ℃ , nevertheless annual of this one high temperature also does not exceed 7 days. The hottest 7, average August air temperature is 23 ℃ , midsummer season, become hard sultrily, here is sea wind blow gently however, cool and delightful, very beneficial to human body.

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Na Daihe wears river guesthouse hotel to book Na Daihe guesthouse to book Na Daihe to book a room south guesthouse
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