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Na Daihe wears the Dai He austral river conference travel to travel south the co
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The conference is narrated alwaysBusiness affairs conference basically serves business ★ is recieved medicinal powder guest and organization travel
★ plans group meeting
★ assist do a business, the educational training of mechanism, travel that reflects group spirit
★ home travels ★ home travelsOne) recieve travel to come loose guest and organization :
1. buys on sb's behalf (order) domestic and international airline ticket ()
2. generation orders domestic each district of all kinds restaurant
3. arranges various and delicate cate
4. provides bulk each model of car hire car and receive send carriage service
5. rewards travel: Depend on traditional background of the client, company culture, foreground target, elaborate design activity and journey content, make person aftertaste boundless and amount to the purpose of incentive morale
6. comes stage ginseng exhibits: Dress show, the shoe is exhibited wait for all sorts of exhibition place to need manpower and decorate, the material resources of equipment
The excursion of 7. professional tourist guide, explanation and interpreter serve
Special aim is like 8. other: Rake bilge? photographs, art group: Commonplace silk holds Cheng? in the palm to measure a body to order do, design as special as arrangement route, visit or ginseng visitVisit or ginseng visit2) plan group meeting :
1.The preparation before the meeting: Assembly room make choice of, agenda arrangement, processing signing up, the interpreter serves, the souvenir is made, medium is repeatedly, press release compose, the press conference is installed
Platoon, wenxuan is printed, the data is distributed, manpower support
2.Deal with report for duty: Confirm procedure, the airport is accepted, accommodation allocation, prandial arrangement
3.The conference undertakes: Leave / concluding activity, welcome work, celebrity speech and seminar, equipment of seeing and hearing, congress emcee, convivial refreshments, synchronous interpreter
4.Property management: Congress budget, financial forms for reporting statistics, sessional medium money provides manpower support
5.Traffic: Before the conference / the board and lodging after and travel, of the seat number book with affirm, the traffic of whole journey serves,
6.After travel is met look around, visit with recreational activityAfter travel is met look around, visit with recreational activity3) assist do a business, the educational training of mechanism, travel that reflects group spirit is arranged :
1. enterprise, mechanism teachs training, field, board and lodging, traffic arrangement
2. employee rewards the design of the journey of tourism group and arrangement, the arrangement of travel activity
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