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Constellation necklace water bottle
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Name: Carve of  aperture 
Material is qualitative: 9Platinum of 25 pure silver, plating
Unit: Ear pendant of chain of? of coffin wishing ㄗ films for the reverse side)
Weight: 3.4g
Norms: 40cm of chain length of coffin?.3cm X 1.5cm

Gu Chi (GUCCI) brand all the time in order to produce high-grade and luxurious product famous. No matter be shoe, bag, dress or headgear, the image of indicative ” brand with “ identity and fortune makes rich brownstone consumption favorite.
Give birthday: 1/21-2/19
Lay stone: Amethyst
Be born flower: Orchid
Be born tree: Fruiter
Suit color: Xian La is lubricious
Lucky metal: Uranous
Lucky number: 1, 7
Resemble symbol of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale: Owe water child word

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