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Na Daihe country is postal guesthouse
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Postal guesthouse introduces Na Daihe country:
The Dai He austral national post office grooms central be subordinate to belongs to center of conference of Beijing post and telecommunications, be located in the Bohai Sea bank Na Daihe travel crosses false region, be apart from bathing place only 50 meters, beauty spot of proximate and famous island of celestial being snail, be apart from center of recreation of Na Daihe international only Cheng of 20 minutes of cars, have Beijing Shenyang north freeway, communication is very easy. Gold of here blue sea is sanded, forest luxuriantly green, air is fresh, it is place of ideal business affairs, travel, recuperate. The center had villa through after extend is transformed, be being formed 2003 4, guest room building 2, all sorts of guest room amounts reach public house of 156 SamSung class concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals.
My center faculty serves with “ postal, face society, guest the service tenet that consummate, quality is this ” , serve for you wholeheartedly.

Hotel facilities includes a level, room of 3 worlds, apartment, seascape, flatlet and villa
Characteristic serves meal ministry to set the hall and characteristic bag house
Recreational establishment of short duration does not have a record
Recreational establishment of short duration does not have a record
Yin Haidao of developing zone of the Dai He austral city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty of province of positional traffic Heibei 2 public transportation inquiry
Hutch of meal establishment name is made meticulously plain, rash, the high-quality goods dish such as another name for Guangdong Province is, offer at 0 o'clock, a variety of have dinner forms such as conference have dinner, buffet
Island of snail of celestial being of circumjacent tourist attraction, maritime Eden, on the west travel notes palace
Price of room type retail sales is ferial valence on the weekend room of breakfast of valence golden week besides between the standard ¥ 580 ¥ 200 ¥ 200 of ¥ 200× TV, air conditioning, independent toilet 3 worlds ¥ 680 ¥ 320 ¥ 320 of ¥ 320× TV, air conditioning, room of independent toilet seascape ¥ 680 ¥ 240 ¥ 240 of ¥ 240× TV, air conditioning, independently toilet

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