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Public house of house of coast of Na Daihe blue is booked
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Public house of house of coast of Na Daihe blue books the introduction:

Residence of sex of river ground mark is worn south China, apartment of 0 distances complete seascape.

Seaside place of the 3rd house, navigate vogue did not come.

Flourishing city, having live daily place of the first house, have outskirts villa successfully -- place of the 2nd house. When accompanying, still recreational tide emerges move, rely on technically go vacationing at outskirts the arise at the historic moment of high quality apartment that the village advocates with zoology travel tourist attraction,
-- this is to be far from city, put the place of the 3rd house of flying heart!
The United States' faddish “Home From Home” (another beyond the home very comfortable, comfortable home) life mode, of the living that makes successful public figure need. Will become the market to chase after the heat that hold in both hands!

Blue coast apartment -- seaside place of the 3rd house, with you hand in hand, navigate vogue did not live!

Face window overlook, ren Saixu gallops in boundless offshore freedom, what summer has sea wind to sway hereat is cool, here has the winter to angle alone the artistic conception … of cold Jiang Xue…

In coasting of the closest from Beijing Bohai Sea bay, have a fortune coordinate that belongs to oneself only.
City of coastal seaside of China of …… of Dalian, Qingdao, power sea already by eye one by one delimit.
Na Daihe, the hot finally land that from Beijing coasting of recent Bohai Sea bay keeps only, rare to numerous successor You Xianzhen.
Blue coast apartment, all the year round, a view sea, month of spring flower autumn, xia Yudong snow.
Coasting of the 126 kilometers inside island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is exclusive 0 distances know meeting sea, exclusive high quality apartment, provide extremely appreciate latent capacity,
Investment value is self-evident.

Blue coast apartment, of material and spirit double touch, pattern of overall hotel of 5 stars class serves.
* is apart from beach only 6 meters, trouble-free seascape.
High level of * 80 rice is built, line of horizon of river new coast is worn south
Face a window to have the of great capacity, I am the sea!
In the seaside, the heart that is oneself looks for one place to occupy place, make oneself complete become oneself.
Na Daihe, sanded soft tide makes the same score 17.5 kilometers coasting, beach wide water is clear, air is fresh.
… of sea bath, Sha Yu, air bath, sunbathe…
Blue coast apartment, in the world of the sea, everything all is enjoy the sea and preliminary.
* door fore-and-aft 30 degrees are arranged, a straight face sea.
* retreats table design, infinite aesthetic feeling.
Gazebo of * housetop sightseeing, 360 degrees of seascape are boundless poetic flavour.
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