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Hill custom hangs in relief hole
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Hill custom hangs in relief hole

The tourist attraction introduces:

The hole that imagine this world is in city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty foot of a hill of 9 kilometers ox issues hill custom northeast. Hole north has ” of “ person stone to look at somebody disdainfully out of the corner of one's eye group of hill, there is ” of “ Zhong Shi south, wan Shi is hanged for nothing. The hole is 14 meters tall, 13 meters wide, deep 37 meters, dome like that hollow. Build formerly inside the hole have three-layer attic, god is offerred formerly inside niche, the model in hole rear wall has Sakyamuni to resemble, by model 18 arhat. Two walls tablet engraves hole side very much, divide bright 10 thousand all previous 30 years (1602) Zhu Hong model " the hole that imagine this world " outside poetic tablet, still have the preface between Ming Chongzhen, clear Yong Zhengnian. Left upper part has one hole again inside the hole, there is one grotto in its, there are tens of big Deng classes to be able to be connected inside the hole, solar from stone unoccupied place illuminate continuously inside sky, see sunshine does not see light only, be just as the hole that imagine day inside, strange feeling different is interesting, fascinating. Wear acupuncture point another hole, on quarter “ gets the better of condition ” two words, water of the drop inside the hole is phonic. Door of the layer between hill answer acupuncture point, gorge a key to do sth dish wrong; Below hill of stone river classics, enter the sea from this; It is Great Wall “ closes the one place by ” 3 times to get the better of condition.

Good graph of a natural cave, be worth everybody to look, to island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, must not be let off, everybody can like beautiful scenery certainly.

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