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Hill custom park of 5 Fosan forest
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Park of 5 Fosan forest reposes in north of city of the custom that be apart from hill the swallow hill forest of 3 kilometers is only medium, it is to be on area of scene of hill of part of division of scene of class of park of former state forest, geological park, country 4A and the foundation that grow Bai Shan, (Qin Huang. The park covers an area of a face to accumulate 48.8 square kilometer. Always invest 560 million yuan. Park centimeter is area of 6 great respect: Arrogant of in the company of of な of ⒊ of  of  of Chen snipe act gathers up  ⑵ Zhang is formic bake gather up  ⒔ artful arrogant gathers up area of scene of? a haven of peace, natural groove guard. Travel sightseeing cableway 6, total length is the 7450 rice, sightseeing cableway that already debutted now is horny hill to macrobian hill (full-length 1740 meters) , horny Shan Zhiyan fills in lake (endlong 2080 meters) , horny hill arrives dwell virtuous temple (. Travel sightseeing car 30. Humanitarian landscape and natural landscape more than 100 place. True beautiful scenery, real clever interest, all be in 5 Fosan custom of silvan park, hill the arrival that park of 5 Fosan forest will serve " , top-ranking environment " first-rate to welcome you sincerely with " ! !

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