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Hill of stone of stone tablet of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty
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Stone tablet Stone Hill

Be located in north of prosperous goosefoot county, be apart from summer resort north to wear a river to make an appointment with 30 kilometers, the Bohai Sea is apart from east only 15 kilometers, it is arteries and veins of Yan Shan beyond. Stage of celestial being of the highest peak in a mountain range supports, altitude 695 meters. There is ” of temple of cliff of water of “ of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes in hill. Show on cliff still keep is worn the two words of ” of stone of “ stone tablet that the ancients engraves. Stage of celestial being of climb a hill supports, shan Haiji watchs sign of pleasant to see. Provenance of stone of concerned stone tablet has two to say, say to multitude in Heibei prosperous. Another say to start a city in Liaoning. 20 centuries 80 time metaphase, archaeology worker is in female temple of ginger of the first month (inside division of custom of hill of city of Qin Huang island) the Meng Jiang daughter around sends disinter graveyard article of a few ancient time, confirm here is the seat with stone tablet true stone.

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