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Sanded carve macrocosm
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Crowded ripsnorter group, long the people that resides a capital, longing has capacious with freedom, blue sky sea becomes them to this dreams and be gone after realistically. Of heavy work, bring family, go up about friend, go the seaside goes vacationing, enjoy nature, loosen body and mind. At this moment you can drive car high speed of Shenyang of Beijing of edge of 2 many hours, arrive at Chang Li 2 kilometers are in to gold coast (be located in Chang Li international between center of slippery sanded recreation and emerald island)” of macrocosm of sanded carve of bay of “ Jin ShaRecreational recreation.
   Jin Sha bayIt is groove guard of zoology of national level ocean, the zoology landscape home inside the area is belonged to infrequent, the combination with the wonderful sea of lofty dune, dark green woods, blue is together, form very strong the United States' beautiful natural zoology landscape, scene of its peculiar ocean big desert is attracting countless tourists, ” of macrocosm of sanded carve of “ gold sanded bay is given priority to to push one of new tourist attractions by exemple of bureau of tourism of city of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty.
” of macrocosm of sanded carve of “ gold sanded bay made full use of 2000 old with cause the action at tide monsoon forms many meters 40 tall bank dune, carved 37 meters tall sanded carve big Buddha and many 20 elegant Sha Diao work of art, the bold conception of sanded carve artists, creation gave a novelty, fresh Sha Diao macrocosm to be viewed and admire for tourists.
Face the sea that blue waves ripples, mood be suddenly enlightened, little of summer of a few minutes of cities noisy, thatched shack tea is abandoned, fastfood moved a seaside from the capital. Lie on delicate beach, bath is worn flowery sunshine, listen to ocean wave in succession, see mew flutter. Slippery slippery sand is careless, play dozen of beach volleyball, kick a football match, irruptive sea, to the top of one's bent have a good swim in the seaside. Go to sea fish, deep-sea go angling, ride the bike on the water of two-men, visit littoral scenery. Sit flier, maritime mosquito craft, beach motor, play dozen of thunder one of the pieces in Chinese chess, run again circuit horse, experience life alarmingly dangerous is exciting. Ramble it is the market, good to buy conch uneasy. Towards evening, in big archives of the seaside, gather seafood eat: Shrimp of skin of blood clam of crab, wool, razor clam, skin have everything that one expects to find. Evening party of barbecue of hop garden, delicate snack, beach, bonfire, set off fireworks to all enjoy terrestrial pleasure. Condense a group extend training, directional and cross-country was to attract numerous organizer and participator more. Still prepared children sanded carve to achieve Eden oneself for children, develop the imagination of children and creativity adequately. The beach is labyrinthian, on 1000 peace are columbine have deep love for peace for each, the family that has deep love for the life brought joy.
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