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China tourism industry will use information technology to change shape
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China National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei said the formation of the information technology revolution will be a great opportunity to promote tourism information, tourist numbers, smart travel, until the change in form of tourism industry in China. Shao Qiwei 29, 2010, held in Changchun, China Tourism Bureau, said the class discussion, tourism is a people's movement-based, human services as the main content of the industry. To enrich our visitors experience and improve the efficiency of travel services, must rely on modern technology, especially modern information technology to promote and enhance the level of modernization of the tourism industry. Application of tourism as an important field of modern technology, both to meet new consumer demand, or the transformation of its own format, you need to continuously improve the content of science and technology to improve the ability to use modern science and technology. Shao Qiwei said that tourism consumption in the whole process of promoting the use of information technology. Full use of electronic information, e-finance, e-visa and e-ticketing and other services to facilitate the travel consumer. Production and management in the process of tourism encourages the use of information technology. To encourage travel agents, tourist hotels, tourist attractions and other tourism enterprises application of computer technology and communication technology-driven business process reengineering, implementation of digital management and digital operations, improve service efficiency and management level. Encourage professional online travel companies to enter the traditional travel agency business; also supports the traditional travel agencies, particularly the development of online services to small and medium sized travel agencies, so as to promote travel industry, the formation of a new division of labor. Management of tourism services in the course of extensive use of information technology. Speed up the tourism market to meet the needs of the establishment of public information service platform of tourism, the establishment of public opinion, the monitoring of information systems and emergency systems, and promote information management, with information technology to achieve the timely tourism management, dynamic management, and precision management. In addition, we must seize the opportunity to promote transformation and upgrading of tourism information. Shao Qiwei said that the current Internet, wireless mobile networks, cable television's "triple play", will promote the mutual penetration between the information, compatible with each other, will largely change the way of tourist spending, tourism management, until the change in travel Industry in shape. China tourism industry to take the initiative to grasp the information technology revolution has brought a great opportunity, and vigorously promote the tourism industry of information technology, digital tourism, intelligent tourism, efforts to tourism as people more satisfied with the modern service industry.
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