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150 Chrysanthemum Exhibition together into autumn tourist highlights of Qinhuang
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Now is the best time autumn Shangju, Nandaihe Entertainment Centre September 23 to October 10 Chrysanthemum exhibition held 6 million pots, 150 kinds of chrysanthemum is fragrant air garden, a new city autumn tour highlights.

It is understood that investment Nandaihe International Entertainment Center more than 80 million, from Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Tangshan, the introduction of 150 kinds of colored chrysanthemums, which includes Talon type of "Thousand-hand Bodhisattva", flying model "Zuiwu Yang Fei "and the Mo-Ju in the" Li Kui drunken noodles "and other valuable species, exhibited specimens of Ju, Ju-long, suspension of 6 million pots of chrysanthemum.

In addition, the area also organized the photo exhibition chrysanthemums, digital film, "Dream Nandaihe" performances, special performances and a series of colorful activities.

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