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30 million tourist home within three essential luxury shopping guide MPV real
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From Guangzhou Honda Odyssey models has been the introduction of new more than eight months, the overall design of the Odyssey and the Japanese original and there is no significant difference between the low center of gravity of the car chassis design of the Odyssey has been in the last generation to be good the show. Odyssey is also moving away from the "van" image, from the performance achieved on the road, but also the closest in its class coupe models being one of the driving. However, the shape of radical design that Odyssey had lost a lot of luggage compartment load space, in the practical and aesthetic compatibility with the Odyssey looks a little stretched. Odyssey ride in the car space and common MPV or a certain difference in the head space, and there is not much advantage, and quite common medium-sized sedan. Before, during and after the three rows ample leg space, especially the front seats can fully recline, remove the head restraints and the row of seats after the formation of a very comfortable "chair", so you can enjoy the same experience in the Maybach 62. Usually as a backup of the "third-row seat" also has a very good passenger space, as long as depressing the pedal in the following row seats, third row passengers can easily access. Show with leading models in the top version, but also equipped with a button to flip the third row of seats can be quickly hidden in the third row of seats after the floor below, from the moment the luggage compartment volume of 259 liters to 708 liters upgrade . Odyssey did not design too much storage space, doors, steering wheel lighter than the bottom left of the storage box, front seats can be flipped center armrest box though installing the audio and power output, but can only put down phone a class of thin items and two bottles of drink, much larger than the utility will sell! may be insufficient to make up storage space in the middle row seats recline, you can play a central hand, pillows, table board, the triple cup holder effect. Odyssey is equipped with the current most powerful in its class 2.4-liter K24Z5 i-VTEC engine, 133 kW (180 hp) power output performance is very good, but the 218 cow / m peak torque some weak. In the 1705 kg vehicle weight, using only the traditional five-speed automatic transmission in the case of 0-100km / h acceleration time of 12.3 with seconds, combined consumption of 9-9.2 liters per hundred kilometers, are more moderate in the performance of its class . In addition to ABS, EBD system, and leaders in the luxury edition of the Odyssey is also equipped with VSA Vehicle Dynamic Stability Control system, VSA system with traction control, brake assist and dynamic stability of power systems can provide sufficient active safety performance. G-CON body structure and high strength ACE Advanced Compatibility Body design, Odyssey won the C-NCAP crash test score of 48.8 points, well, a joint venture is currently the best performing in its class.
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