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Weifang Rizhao city leaders to study tourism
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November 25, Weifang Municipal Committee, vice mayor Hu Yanzhao new line of five people to study tourism, city, municipal government, accompanied by party members Cui Liang. Delegation visited the Lighthouse Square, the World race fan base, Sun Plaza, Sunshine Coast beaches and sunshine dream National Park and so on, that take full advantage of Rizhao City, and digging their own advantages, a clear "Sunshine Coast Ecological sunshine "city tourism image positioning, high standards of planning and construction of a number of distinctive features of the city of sunshine and facilities to enrich content of coastal eco-city, focus on shaping the harmonious coexistence between man and nature Habitat ecology of marine culture, to the delegation left a deep impression. They said it would carefully learn from the city of Rizhao City, construction and development of tourism work experience, and promote exchanges between the two cities co-operation in related fields.
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